Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park

Last week it was BEAUTIFUL out so my friend Brian and I went to the Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park.

Since it was the beginning of spring, the zoo was actually having its opening weekend, meaning there were lots of parents and children there.  The zoo, which was America’s 5th zoo (who doesn’t love fifth place??), has a huge range of animals, from tigers to penguins to livestock.

I’m always a huge fan of petting zoos, so I’m happy to say that the Binghamton Zoo has one.  I got to play with some baby goats, which is all I ever really dream of.

The penguins were cool to see (although it was 70º out, so I’m not sure how happy they were to see me) and although I’m generally freaked out by birds, there were a ton of pretty and exotic birds.  By “exotic” I mean any bird that isn’t a pigeon, since I’m from manhattan.  

I also got to see the Binghamton ZooMobile at an event on campus, which is the zoo’s mobile education program.  The ZooMobile brings a variety of animals (think roaches, chinchillas, and parrots) and a guide, who usually holds the animals tells students fun facts about them.

I’m always hesitant when it comes to zoos, since I have some issues with keeping wild animals in captivity, but the Binghamton Zoo seems to do a great job ensuring their animals are safe and well cared for.  I spoke to one of the ZooMobile facilitators and she seemed to be incredibly invested in her animals, showing me photos of some baby chinchillas on her phone.

The Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park is open from 10am-4pm until October 1st; the hours vary for fall and winter.  The easiest bus to take is the Broome County 3 Park Ave, and tickets are $7 for students.

For more information visit


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