Broome County Regional Farmers Market

The Broome County Regional Farmers Market is a surprising taste of summer on Binghamton’s upper front street.

Hidden inside a massive barn, the farmers market offers a variety of delicious options, from seasonal produce to baked goods.

Wooden rafters adorned with strings of lightbulbs give the large space a warm feel, even in the dead of winter.  With over 30 different local vendors, the market is lively and welcoming, offering foods and drinks for every kind of consumer.

Homemade pestos, made by the owner of Whole in the Wall, sit alongside Peruvian alfajores, fresh from The Peruvian Bakery.  The huge array of options, and samples, allows shoppers to get a taste of the best sweet and savory foods that Binghamton has to offer.

While I was at the farmers market I had a pink lady apple, a honey caramel, and an incredible lemon tart.  I’m not even saying “incredible” lightly; this lemon tart was on a similar level to my mother’s lemon tarts, which is quite a statement.

Even in March, the most frigid and barren month, there was tons of fresh produce, including some sweet potatoes that were larger than my forearm.  I can only imagine how fantastic the market will be during summer, when fruits and vegetables are thriving.

The Broome County Regional Farmers Market is at 840 Front Street and is open year round on Saturdays from 9am-1pm.  From May to October, it’s also open on Tuesdays, from 4-7pm.

To learn more about the Broome County Regional Farmers Market, visit:



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