Celebrating our Local Businesses

Imagine you’ve just finished college, you’re excited to finally begin your career, you go to interview after interview trying to find a job in your field—but nothing. This scenario echoes the findings of a report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The article in the Washington Post goes on to describe how around 27% of college graduates have jobs in their field of study, which begs the question “If I can’t find a job in my field what do I do?”

You make the opportunity.

That is the heart of entrepreneurship. We all have dreams of what we want to do. We know what it is we want but very few of us are willing to go after it. So what do we do? We try and find a job that almost fits our dream. Entrepreneurs create their dreams.

Many of our students at Binghamton have similar goals and aspirations. We believe that showing off our local startups and businesses it will inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, or at the very least open students eyes to all the amazing things this area has to offer. In the following weeks our intern Julia Carmel will be visiting some of those places and telling us all about them. We hope you’ll enjoy visiting these places as much as we do.



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